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William V. Ritter and Descendents

William V. Ritter was the sixth child of John Alexander Ritter and Margaret Carter Ritter. He was born on August 5, 1859 and died on November 1, 1953. He made his living as a sign painter and businessman in French Lick, Indiana. On October 22, 1880 he married Kittie Emma Elrod near Orleans, Indiana. They had three boys and a girl.


William V. Ritter at age 18.


William V. Ritter and Kittie Emma Elrod Ritter

Picture courtesy of James L. Klemm


Family of William V. Ritter, picture taken about 1910.



   In 1909, William V. went into business with one of his sons, William Oliver Ritter, and opened a furniture store and a funeral parlor in French Lick.

William V. Ritter standing in the doorway at one of the early locations of W. V. Ritter & Son, Furniture and Undertaking on Maple St. in French Lick.


William V. Ritter shoveling snow in front of a later location of the firm of W. V. Ritter & Son on Maple St. in French Lick.


William V. Ritter and family. This photo was taken during World War II probably in 1943 or 1944.


Four generations of the Ritter family. Picture taken at the open house

following completion of the renovation of the Ritter Funeral Parlor

in 1954.


Snapshots taken of William V. Ritter probably taken in the late 1940's

or early 1950's.

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